Policy Forum for Wales

Brexit and the Welsh Economy

Morning, Tuesday, 5th December 2017

Jurys Inn Cardiff, 1 Park Place, Cardiff CF10 3DN


Delegates at this seminar will discuss the challenges and opportunities for the Welsh Economy as the United Kingdom prepares to withdraw from the European Union.

It follows the Welsh Government’s white paper on Brexit which sets out its priorities ahead of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, including retaining full access to the Single Market, guaranteeing the rights of EU migrants living in Wales, the replacement of current EU funding and the establishment of a transitional phrase after Brexit.

Planned sessions will examine what Brexit will mean for different sectors of the Welsh Economy, with uncertainty over the terms of transferring EU legislation to UK law, and the challenges for adapting to new trading arrangements.

Delegates will also consider the wider implications of Brexit on devolution - following the Welsh Government’s policy document - with questions surrounding the future framework of inter-governmental relations regarding the forthcoming repatriation of powers from the EU.

Guest of Honour

Desmond Clifford

Director, Office of the First Minister, Welsh Government

Guest of Honour

Desmond Clifford

Director, Office of the First Minister, Welsh Government

Keynote Speaker

David Rees

Chair, External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee


Steffan Lewis AM

Member, External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee

Nathan Gill MEP/AM


Richard Ballantyne

Chief Executive, British Ports Association

Councillor Rob Stewart

Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Economic Development, Europe and Energy, WLGA

Steve Smith

Chair, Wales Exporters Association and Branch Manager, Handelsbanken

Tim Rycroft

Director of Corporate Affairs, Food and Drink Federation

Dr Nick Fenwick

Director of Policy, Farmers’ Union of Wales

Ros Kellaway

Head, EU Competition and Regulatory Group and Partner, Eversheds Sutherland

Steve Smith

Director, UK Transformation, Tata Steel

Giles Thorley

Chief Executive, Finance Wales

Professor Elizabeth Treasure

Vice-Chancellor, Aberystwyth University