Policy Forum for Wales

Improving the quality of health and social care in Wales

Morning, Wednesday, 4th December 2019

Central Cardiff


This seminar will consider challenges and opportunities around raising the quality of health and social care in Wales, the future for inspection and regulation, and recruitment, development and support of the workforce.

It comes as the Health and Social Care (Quality and Engagement) (Wales) Bill is introduced - proposing a ‘duty of candour’ for NHS bodies and the creation of a citizen voice body to replace Community Health Councils - with proposals to be made law in summer 2020 if passed by the National Assembly.

Policymakers and key stakeholders will assess provisions in the Quality and Engagement Bill, with discussion expected on the key opportunities for improving governance, transparency and patient outcomes across services at health boards.

It takes place as Healthcare Inspectorate Wales begins workstreams to review maternity services, including on health board governance.

Delegates will also consider proposals in the Bill related to protecting vulnerable groups and enhancing patient voice.

They will assess care received throughout the care pathway, as the Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Act comes into force, aimed at making the complaints process easier, and allowing the Ombudsman in some cases to proactively initiate investigations or look at both public and private health treatment.

Further sessions consider how current challenges for the workforce in the health and social care sector might be overcome - particularly in the area of meeting skills needs.

Delegates will also examine the way forward for improving care going forward and identifying a future social care model.

They will discuss the potential implications of proposals in the Quality and Engagement Bill - and the further integration of health and social care services - for how training and development is delivered in the future, including changes to training and upskilling that are most needed to support improvements in the delivery of care.

It takes place with the Inter-Ministerial Group on Paying for Social Care exploring the feasibility of introducing a levy or alternative funding mechanism.

Keynote Speaker

Dr Kate Chamberlain

Chief Executive, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales

Keynote Speaker

Dr Kate Chamberlain

Chief Executive, Healthcare Inspectorate Wales


Dame Clare Marx

Chair, General Medical Council

Louise Hughes

Programme Manager, Golden Thread Advocacy Programme, Age Cymru

Dr David Bailey

Chair, Welsh Council, BMA Cymru Wales

Mario Kreft

Chair, Care Forum Wales