Policy Forum for Wales

Next steps for 14-16 qualifications in Wales - shape and scope, usability and public confidence, and support for progression in education and employment

Morning, Tuesday, 19th May 2020

Central Cardiff


Please note the date of this seminar has changed.

Delegates will discuss themes emerging from the forthcoming initial consultation by Qualifications Wales on the principles for future 14-16 qualifications, which will examine what the future qualifications might look like and the range of options available for students, including in vocational learning.

There will be a keynote address from Emyr George, Director, Qualifications Policy and Reform, Qualifications Wales, outlining the path ahead for qualification reform following the initial consultation - and as Qualifications Wales prepare to confirm the future qualifications offer at 14-16 following the submission of formal advice to the Welsh Government.

Delegates will look at the future shape of the qualifications offer moving forward.

Areas for discussion include how to ensure the flexibility of the new curriculum is reflected in future qualifications - whilst also being regarded by stakeholders as fair and reliable.

Attendees will also consider the extent to which they should reflect the curriculum’s new six areas of learning - expressive arts; health and well-being; humanities; languages, literacy and communication; mathematics and numeracy; science and technology - or traditional subjects, and what a new grading system should look like.

They will also look at how public confidence in the new qualifications can be ensured - as well as respected both in Wales and internationally - and whether to maintain the GCSE ‘brand’ in Wales. 

Further sessions focus on whether there should be a one-size-fits-all model or a mixture of qualifications in the future, as well as issues of appropriate depth and breadth.

Delegates will also consider future assessment arrangements and how to ensure appropriate balance on a subject by subject basis.

In addition there will be discussion on how to ensure that the redesigned qualifications offer an effective pathway to A Level and employment whilst also reflecting the needs of further education more widely and higher education.

Keynote Speaker

Emyr George

Director, Qualifications Policy and Reform, Qualifications Wales

Keynote Speaker

Emyr George

Director, Qualifications Policy and Reform, Qualifications Wales


Councillor Jennifer Raynor

Cabinet Member for Education Improvement, Learning and Skills, Swansea Council


Viv Buckley

Deputy Principal, Bridgend College

Ravi Pawar

Headteacher, Bryntirion Comprehensive School, Bridgend

Elaine Carlile

Director of Qualifications, Assessment and Responsible Officer, WJEC

Ben Jordan

Senior Policy and Qualifications Manager, UCAS