Policy Forum for Wales

Priorities for Post-Compulsory Education and Training in Wales

TO BE PUBLISHED February 2020

The conference comes at a time of considerable change for PCET, as the Welsh Government establishes a new authority to oversee the sector - The Commission for Tertiary Education and Research (CTER).

Delegates will consider the structure and priorities for the new body in order maximise the potential of the new post-compulsory system, in light of Welsh Government aims including: widening access to PCET education, enhancing the economic impact of post compulsory education and training, governance, and funding, and the promotion of the Welsh language and culture.

Establishment of the  Tertiary Education and Research Commission for Wales comes following recommendations in the Hazelkorn review of the oversight of post-compulsory education and the Weingarten review on how to improving the sector’s effectiveness. Attendees will discuss how to ensure that the CTER is configured to allow effective governance of HE and FE institutions and a smooth transition to the new single regulatory organisation. They will also consider the future governance structures of CTER itself - both in its relationship with the Welsh Government and the representation of stakeholders within the governance of the organisation.

We expect discussion on CTER's initial priorities as it inherits the responsibilities currently performed by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, including funding arrangements under the new framework and scrutinising designated providers to ensure quality in the post-compulsory sector. As well as its proposed functions of auditing for further education and work-based learning, contracting, financial monitoring, funding, and planning, we expect a particular focus on the decision to include sixth forms within CTER's remit, including the likely impact on school funding arrangements.

Further sessions discuss the types of skills that Wales needs in the long-term and what the PCET reforms could mean for goals in the Welsh Government’s Prosperity for All strategy of increasing high quality employment, higher overall skills levels, and achieving one million Welsh speakers by 2050.

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